HH Recruitment

Specialist Recruitment

Specialist Recruitment – is an outstanding tool to quickly find skilled candidates of different specialisms (accountant, sales representative, office manager, network administrator, etc.).
Within a week, our experienced recruiters can find a suitable candidate that will fit job requirements and the corporate culture of the company.

The process of the recruitment is the following:

Step 1 – Planning:

 – Defining client needs and job profile
 – Defining search and selection criteria


Step 2 – Search:

 – Spreading information over the web and social media
 – Database search (HH.ge; HR.ge; LinkedIn)
 – Direct search


Step 3 – Assessment:
 – Candidate motivation and interest generation
 – Assessment of candidates’ background against the selection criteria (meeting or a phone call)
 – Candidate compatibility report


Step 4 – Presentation

 – Presentation of the shortlisted candidates
 – Finalist interview with the client in our office


Step 5 – Hiring

 – Preliminary negotiations with selected candidates
 – Preparing the offer form for selected candidates and communicating with them