HH Recruitment

Recruitment / Head-Hunting

Recruitment/Head-Hunting – A powerful and effective tool to recruit the senior staff and key decision makers for your company. Our senior recruitment consultants are involved in every assignment and provide the detailed insight in the market possibilities before starting the search process, to ensure that the expectation of our clients are properly met.

The process of the recruitment is the following:

Step 1 – Planning

 – Defining client needs and job profile
 – Defining search and selection criteria
 – Industry analysis

Step 2 – Search

 – Spreading information over the web and social media
 – Database search (HH.ge; HR.ge; LinkedIn)
 – Direct search

Step 3 – Assessment

 – Candidate motivation and interest generation
 – Assessment of candidates’ background against the selection criteria
 – Reference Check
 – Candidate compatibility report

Step 4 – Selection

 – Presentation of the shortlisted candidates
 – Finalist interview with the client

Step 5 – Hiring

 – Preparing written offer to the selected candidate
 – Engagement in the salary negotiation process (optional)