HH Recruitment

Company History

Company Established

April 14, 2006

Company Established

Company launched website www.humanresouce.ge. The web-site was dedicated for publishing of job advertisements, tenders and trainings in Georgia.

Launch of Recruitment Services

November 17, 2006

Launch of Recruitment Services

Company sold its very first recruitment service to an international client based in Tbilisi.

First Major Expansion

January 5, 2008

A leapfrog period, during which: Company opens additional office in Tbilisi Changes incorporation legal status Launches Business Process Outsourcing Services

Switch to HR.ge

November 3, 2010

Company registers a first ever 2 symbol domain name in Georgia and becomes www.hr.ge

HH Recruitment Brand

December 2, 2016

HH Recruitment Brand

HH Recruitment splits from www.hr.ge and becomes independent brand offering recruitment and consulting services