HH Recruitment

HR Assitance

HR Assistance – is an effective recruitment tool for mass hiring and/or multiple openings under one name. 

The process involves all-in-one service  (whole process starting from from job publishing to final short-list) that can serve as a substitution for company’s internal recruiters and deliver the final product of scheduled interviews with short-listed candidates directly to the hiring managers.

Step 1 – Planning

  • Defining client needs and job profile
  • Providing information regarding average salary ranges on the market
  • Preparation of job description and job posting

Step 2 – Search

  • Publishing information over the web, social media, career centers, etc.
  • Database search (HH.ge; HR.ge; LinkedIn)
  • Candidate screening

Step 3 – Assessment

  • Phone/online interview with the candidate
  • Short-listing of the best fit candidates

Step 4 – Presentation & Presentation

  • Preparation of the candidate report and presenting the shortlist to the client
  • Organizing job interviews with the client