HH Recruitment

Vacancy Boost and Short-List

Vacancy Boost and Short-List – is an effective bulk recruitment tool to hire over 3 employees under single recruitment process. The process involves advertising of job ad through various channels to maximize the amount of CV applications received. After gathering the CV’s, our experienced team of Sourcers, short-list candidates that against the selection of criteria and provide a detailed matching report to the client.

Step 1 – Publication

  • Publishing of job ad on www.hr.ge and the partner web-sites under client’s name.
  • Social media sharing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram).
  • Publication in university career centers
  • Boost and paid ads in the social media

Step 2 – CV Collection and Short-Listing

  • Organizing of received CV’s/applications
  • Short-listing of candidates that match the selection criteria of the client

Step 3 – Reporting

  • Preparation of compatibility report
  • Presentation of final work to the client